Our Team

David Zorab

Founder of ZIS and Chairman: Involved with all clients at all levels.

Fiona Milsom
Managing Director

Highly respected in the Market for her technical knowledge: Involved in all areas.

Helen Rudorf-Saeed
Associate Director of Marine Broking

Specialist in Marine and Crew Medical Insurance

Andrea Hawkins
Account Executive

Specialist in Property, Travel and Travel/Crew Claims Handling.

Gemma Porter

Specialist in Property Insurance and all Claims Handling

It’s 4am back in the UK, and they still answer the phone – try getting that level of service from one of the big corporates…Owner and Entrepreneur

They know their policies inside out; technical knowledge second to none – and that counts!Owner, Property Portfolio

ZIS are the guys I call – I know they will get things sorted out.Super Yacht Captain